8. The First Sign

In THE FIRST SIGN, we join Yeshua and His handful of followers in the Jordan River Valley near Jericho. We follow them north along the eastern side and pick up more disciples on Lake Galilee’s north shore in Bethsaida and Capernaum. A fishing boat takes us across the lake to Magdala. From there, it’s a day’s walk to Cana of Galilee on the northern slopes of the Nazareth ridge, where Yeshua and His first followers attend a wedding. From there, we follow them back to Capernaum on the north shore of Lake Galilee, where they join a pilgrimage making their way down the Jordan Valley, following its eastern bank, before crossing near Jericho and ascending to Jerusalem for the Festival of Passover.

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https://friends.ffoz.org/resources/portion-connections/come_and_see_1.html https://friends.ffoz.org/resources/portion-connections/the_first_sign_1.html