Genesis Backgrounds

Genesis Backgrounds is an analysis on the book of Genesis. Our goal is to better understand the cultural, historic, geographic, and linguistic backgrounds of the Book’s original characters as well as those for whom the original manuscripts were written.

We will aim to do roughly one chapter per lesson. The lessons are grouped into four units:

  • Pre-history (1-11)

    Origins / The Fall / The Flood / Nations Emerge

  • Abraham (12-23)

    Calling / Abrahamic Covenant / Lot / Akedah

  • Isaac (24-27)

    A Bride for Isaac / Abimelech / Jacob and Esau

  • Extras

    Handouts available at Bonham Bereans Gen in NT # Genesis Reference Topic New Testament Reference 1. 1:1 God in the beginning John 1:1 2. 1:1 Beginning of the world 2 Timothy 1:9 3.