7. Immersion and Temptation

In IMMERSION AND TEMPTATION, more than two decades have elapsed since we last visited. Yeshua is no longer a precocious twelve-year-old boy; he is a grown man who has taken over His father Joseph’s carpenter trade. From Nazareth, we follow Yeshua’s family to the plains of the Jordan, across from Jericho, where John the Immerser is at work, proclaiming the good news and immersing for repentance. After His baptism, we follow Yeshua out into the dry and waterless Judean Wilderness between Jerusalem and Jericho where He spends forty days in prayer and fasting. Early Christians preserved the memory of the traditional location of the temptations. They named a certain high hill in the Jordan Valley, two miles northwest of Jericho, as “The Mount of the Temptation.” Today, a Greek Orthodox monastery marks the location.

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