Talmidim Way

“Do you ever feel like you are following Jesus from a distance? ‘Follow a rabbi, drink in his words, and be covered with the dust of his feet’ says the ancient proverb. In Jesus' day, disciples (תלמידם, or “talmidim”) would follow their Rabbi so closely that they would be covered in the dust kicked up by His feet.” – Ray Van Der Lann

Chris in Caesarea

Hi there. I’m Chris Flanagan, a Bible student and teacher with a passion for Israel and seeking the historical context. The more we know about the cultural, historical, and geographic contexts of the environment of Jesus’s day (or that of Paul, Moses, Samuel, etc.), the better we can follow the way of our Rabbi as his 21st century talmidim.

With us, you can go deep into His Word, learn His language, and experience His land (virtually for now, in person someday soon!)! Scroll down for additional details.

Study the Gospels! Study Genesis!

Talmidim Way

Visit Bible Sites

Israel has been called the “5th Gospel” because for growing talmidim, there is no substitute for visiting the Bible lands in person. Here you can walk in the footsteps of Jesus, indeed in the very dust He walked in. It’s been said that a week in Israel is equivalent to a year in Seminary in terms of advancing your spiritual growth and discipleship.

Until we can all travel together, let’s virtually visit some key biblical sites together!

Learn Hebrew

Chris, in partnership with Holy Language Institute has developed two applications to help learn Biblical Hebrew and memorize several bible study passages in Hebrew.

  • Hebrew GRAMMAR Quest is our newest course. It is equivalent to a first-year seminary course but it is free and entirely self-paced.
  • Hebrew Quest Memrise is a supplement to Holy Language Institute’s Hebrew Quest 40-lesson video program designed to introduce students to the Hebrew Alephbet (yes, we spelled that correctly!) and into the Bible.
Chris Flanagan

Chris Flanagan

Bible teacher and growing disciple of ישוע/Jesus


I am a Bible student and teacher with a passion for Israel and seeking the historical context.

My professional career has been spent in healthcare, and most of that has been focused on healthcare compliance auditing, oversight, and monitoring. My colleagues viewed me as a strategic thinker with an eye for analytics and detail. Through this, I strive to read the Bible critically, realizing that every detail has been orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, so we can understand the context. Once we understand the Bible authors' intent in writing a given passage to his original audience, we can better understand what God is communicating to us two or three millenia later.

Let’s follow our Rabbi Yeshua together!

  • Biblical Studies in context
  • Travel to Biblical Sites
  • History/Archaeology
  • Hebrew