Gospel Backgrounds II: Early Ministry

Table of Contents
  • 7 Temptation (22)

    Summary: In IMMERSION AND TEMPTATION, we briefly return to Nazareth. More than two decades have elapsed since we last visited. Yeshua is no longer a precocious twelve-year-old boy; he is a grown man who has taken over His father Joseph’s carpenter trade.

  • 8. The First Sign (22)

    In THE FIRST SIGN, we join Yeshua and His handful of followers in the Jordan River Valley near Jericho. We follow them north along the eastern side and pick up more disciples on Lake Galilee’s north shore in Bethsaida and Capernaum.

  • 9. In Jerusalem (22)

    Table of Contents Video Introduction Overview Geography John 2:13-17 – The Passover of the Ioudaioi Yeshua is IN JERUSALEM, the holy city, for the Passover festival and remains in Judea for a few extra weeks while His disciples immerse new penitents.

  • 10. In Judea (22)

    Table of Contents Video Introduction John 3:14-16 John 3:17-18 John 3:19 John 3:20-21 John 3:26 Video Introduction Some commentators see 3:16-21 as John the apostle writing his own commentary in summation of the Nicodemus dialogue.

  • 11. In Samaria (23)

    Table of Contents Videos Introduction Berean Bingo Geography Mt. Gerezim/Shechem An Acts 17:11 Rereading a beloved Story John 4:5-8: In Sychar at Noon with Joseph Alternate views/questions Background John 4:9 The Woman appears startled by the breach of etiquette John 4:10: Mayim Chayim John 4:11-12 Are you greater than Jacob?

  • 12. This Day (23)

    Table of Contents Videos Introduction John 4:31-34 John 4:35-38 John 4:39 John 4:40-42 John 4:43-45 John 4:46-49 John 4:50-54 Luke 4:13-15 Luke 4:16 Luke 4:17-20 Luke 4:21 Luke 4:22-24 Heal Thyself Jesus’ family Luke 4:25-28 Luke 4:29-30 Conclusion In A PROPHET WITHOUT HONOR, we leave the village of Cana and follow Yeshua back to Nazareth to spend a quiet Shabbat in His hometown.

  • 13. Bethesda (23)

    Table of Contents Contents Geography Transition John 5:1 – An unnamed Feast John 5:2-3a John 5:5 John 5:6-9 John 5:10-13 John 5:14-16 The Authority of the Son is the Same as the Father’s John 5:17-18 John 5:19-30 Chaism John 5:19-24 John 5:25-30 Walking in His dust John 5:31-35.