Come to Israel with CBC Bonham and Friends!

Trip postponed. Tentative new dates: Late spring/early summer 2024

Price TBD

You’re invited you to experience the holy land with us on a 12 day, in-depth Israel Study Tour.

This will be a private intimate tour. Our initial plans are to take no more than 14 people. Please let Chris or Lyn know right away if you are interested.

Israel has been called the “5th Gospel” because it is here where Jesus came down to earth, where He called His talmidim (disciples) and where He taught them to follow His example: to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Visit Israel and you will never read your Bible the same way again!

“Homesick” Video:

Come to Israel with CBC Bonham and Friends!

What To Expect

You will be immersed in the land and lessons of the Bible as you’re led on a journey through Scripture that will bring the past and present culture of Israel to life. When we visit Israel, we see Scripture in an entirely new light.

We’ll visit the ancient sites where Jesus lived and taught, and understand the first-century context…and the cost…of discipleship. At each location, a licensed guide will share Biblical and historical background, and one of our teachers, such as Pastor Lyn, or Chris, will teach us from the Word about the life of Christ, what we can learn about disciple making, and how Jesus changes everything.

After a trip to Israel, you will come back a changed disciple and your walk with Jesus will never be the same!

Why should I go (and other questions)?

  • A study tour provides the following kingdom-focused benefits (Matthew 6:19-21):
    • A deeper love for Jesus and understanding of His model and methods to raise disciples (Jn 14:15)
    • Greater comprehension of the Bible and biblical applications as we “apply the Land and it lessons to life” (GTI Tours slogan)
    • More effective communication of biblical truth to others (Deut 6:6-7; Mt 28:19-20)
    • Greater confidence in God’s Word - our faith is rooted in real events that occurred in real places (Jn 5:1, Luke 10:30; Ps 125:2)

Common Questions:

Tell me more about the cost.

The quote for our original trip was $4490 per person/double occupancy, but this was based on a minimum of 30 people, provided by a large, well established company, with virtually no out of pocket expenses for travelers.

Our smaller trip will be a bit different in that we will be on our own for most meals, we won’t be paying for guides and drivers, and we will be splitting fuel and other shared expenses evenly across all participants. While we believe the upfront price should be relatively lower per-person than with a formal touring company (perhaps around $3500) we won’t have an estimated price until late 2023.

For comparison, note the costs of other current, post-COVID, Israel tours (and the three examples below don’t include three meals/day like ours would)

  • First Baptist Dallas 2022: $5398
  • Stonebriar Frisco 2022: $5638
  • Wayne Stiles (affiliated with Stonebriar) 2022: $5592

We encourage you to think of this study tour as an investment in your ministry, just as if you were taking a seminary course


  • Cancellation fees depend on how far in advance the cancellation occurs.
  • Price does not include insurance.
    • Travel insurance is HIGHLY recommended, particularly given the somewhat fluid COVID situation.

      • Be sure to read COVID and other cancellation coverages carefully, particularly in the event you are unwilling to travel because of COVID requirements that may be in effect at the time of our departure (including those requirements that may be more restrictive than those in place when you first reserved your trip)._
    • Trip Cancellation Insurance would reimburse losses for covered cancellation reasons.

    • There is a difference between medical and cancellation insurance.

    • We recommend both as frequently, US-based health insurance is not valid overseas.

Is it safe?

Just about everyone who’s been there returns with the feeling that Israel is one of the safest places they’ve ever visited. The country takes security very seriously. The main conflict area is the Gaza Strip and we won’t be anywhere near there.

Remember, the media’s motto is “if it bleeds, it leads,” so they sell fear. Fear is not from God (1 John 4:18) and millions of tourists visit Israel every year. Our guides are well-connected in terms of security; should any trouble spots arise, we will avoid them.

What is the COVID situation?

As of 5/20/2022, Israel requires only a health questionnaire to be completed. Thee are no vaccine or negative test requirements to enter Israel or the USA (for US Citizens).

Can I go if I am a student?

YES!! Originally planned to leave late April of 2023, but after hearing from students, we will be leaving after Bonham ISD concludes the 2023-24 school year. If you are a junior high, high school, or college student, we want you there!

Can I go if I don’t attend CBC Bonham?

If you attend a church with a like-minded faith tradition (SBC or similar), then wholeheartedly, yes you are invited!! Invite your friends and family too!

How large will our group be?

For our inaugural trip, we are planning to keep the size very small with a maximum of 14.

In the future, if our numbers can support, we will partner with an established touring company and take larger groups in future years.

How do I prepare?

As the time draws closer, we will be providing detailed preparation checklists to those attending.

Additionally, there are thorough on-line preparation guides, complete with videos, articles and downloadable checklists, available on the internet.

Is the tour physically strenuous?

One of the aspects of a study tour that is often overlooked is that we engage our bodies with the biblical text - and this can’t happen anywhere but Israel (or Greece, Turkey, etc). We walk where Jesus, Peter and David walked! Verses like Matthew 4:13 that we may have skimmed over in the past now take on a new and vivid significance.

While many sites are flat and paved, other sites are 1000s of years old, in various stages of repair, and may have sloping, rocky paths. In some cases, there may be ladders to climb and caves to crawl through.

To prepare, you will want to be able to walk about three miles a day and do exercises that focus on ankle strength and balance. If you have any physical limitations, just let our guide know and he or she will help you make an informed decision about whether to stay back at a specific location.

I can’t go right now. What should I do?

  • Pray for your friends and family going on the tour that the Holy Spirit will work in us to bring about change and growth.
  • Pray to keep the hands of the enemy far away before during and after the trip!
  • Attend virtually! We will have a blog site where we will post updates.
  • Pray that God opens the door for you to go one day.
    • I (Chris) knew I wanted to go to Israel in 1995, but the door didn’t open until 2010.
    • Then once I went, I know I wanted to go again and lead/serve others - God miraculously (i.e. financially) made a way for us to return in 2013 on a service tour.
    • Where God guides, He provides!

Pre Reading

Pre-trip reading

11 Sam 4
21 Sam 5
31 Sam 6-7:2
42 Kings 18
52 Kings 19
62 Sam 17
7Gen 18
8Gen 19
9Joshua 3
10Joshua 4
11Joshua 5
12Joshua 6
13Matthew 5
14Matthew 6
15Matthew 7
16Mark 5:1-20
17Matthew 16:13-28
181 Kings 17
191 Kings 18
201 Kings 19
21Luke 2
22Luke 23
232 Chronicles 32
24Luke 19:28-48
25Luke 20
26Luke 21
27Luke 22
28Luke 23
29Luke 24:1-53
30John 21
Chris Flanagan

Chris Flanagan

Bible teacher and growing disciple of ישוע/Jesus


I am a Bible student and teacher with a passion for Israel and seeking the historical context.

My professional career has been spent in healthcare, and most of that has been focused on healthcare compliance auditing, oversight, and monitoring. My colleagues viewed me as a strategic thinker with an eye for analytics and detail. Through this, I strive to read the Bible critically, realizing that every detail has been orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, so we can understand the context. Once we understand the Bible authors' intent in writing a given passage to his original audience, we can better understand what God is communicating to us two or three millenia later.

Let’s follow our Rabbi Yeshua together!

  • Biblical Studies in context
  • Travel to Biblical Sites
  • History/Archaeology
  • Hebrew