Hebrew GRAMMAR Quest

Table of Contents

Course overview

This is a seminary-level first-year Hebrew course but without the stress and expense of seminary! I created this course for the non-profit “Holy Language Institute.”

What you will learn

  • Unit I: Hebrew Grammar Foundations - The Hebrew consonants, vowels, and syllables
  • Unit II: Nouns, pronouns, adjectives
  • Unit III: The “Qal” stem, simple action, active voice. Qal verbs are the most common type of verbs in the Bible
  • Unit IV: The “derived” stems, which can have more nuanced action such as intensive or causative, and either passive active voice.

Course developer

Chris Flanagan


Is the course free?

The course is intended for supporters of Holy Language Institute. If you enjoy the course, consider becoming a supporter

Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for this course.

How often do the courses run?

At your own pace.