Gospels 2022 - In Progress

We are redoing our verse-by-verse study of the harmonized Gospels for 2022. Every lesson will have a video that focuses on the cultural, historical, and geographic background of the passage followed by a live teaching we call “Word Wednesdays”. New content is produced every-other week.

Latest Studies:

  • 10/5/22 5 The Nazarene
  • 9/27/22 4 Nativity
  • 9/7/22 3 Genealogies
  • 8/17/22 2 Annunciations
  • 8/3/22 1 The Logos

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Chris Flanagan
Chris Flanagan
Bible teacher and growing disciple of ישוע/Jesus

Former healthcare compliance auditing professional with a passion for understanding the biblical texts in their original context and applying these lessons to 21st century life.