Hebrew Quest Memrise

Table of Contents

Course overview

This is a MASSIVE (nearly 2841) collection of Hebrew words and phrases I created to accompany Hebrew Quest. Hebrew Quest is a 40-lesson video course produced by my friend Yisrael Avraham for his ministry Holy Language Institute.

What you will learn

  • Levels 1-11 - Vocabularly associated with the Hebrew Consonants
  • Levels 12-15 Hebrew Grammar Basics
  • Levels 16-40: Memorize Bible passages in Hebrew, along with Hebrew names of God, selected Proverbs and titles of our Messiah.

Course developer

Chris Flanagan


Are there prerequisites?

This course is designed to be used as a supplement to Hebrew Quest, which is a 40-lesson video program available to supporters of Holy Language Institute. While it is possible to complete the Memrise course stand-alone (without the videos), we designed this course under the assumption the student would first watch the applicable video, then complete the associated work in Memrise. Other than this, there are no prerequisites for this course.

Do I need the paid version of Memrise to access the course?

No. Unfortunately the commercial website sometimes makes it appear that you need to become a premium member, but this is not the case.