Revelation Finishes what Genesis Started

Table of Contents

In Hebrew, the name for “Genesis” (Hebrew בְּרֵאשִׁית) means “in the beginning.” Below is a partial list of things that had their beginning in Genesis but have their end, fulfillment, or completion in Revelation.

Earth CreatedGen 1:1
Earth Passed awayRev 21:1
Sun, moon, starsGen 1:14-16Rev 6:12; Rev 8:12
Earth’s governmentGen 37
Earth’s judgmentRev 16:8
Sun to govern DayGen 1:16
No need of sunRev 21:23
Darkness called nightGen 1:5
No night thereRev 22:5
Waters He called seasGen 1:10
No more seaRev 21:1
A river for earth’s blessingGen 2:10-14
A river for New EarthRev 22:1-2
Man in God’s ImageGen 1:26
Man Headed by Satan’s ImageRev 13
Entrance of sinGen 3
End of sinRev 21, Rev 22
Curse pronouncedGen 3:14-17
No more curseRev 22:3
Death enteredGen 3:19
No more deathRev 21:4
Cherubim first mentionedGen 3:24
Cherubim final mentionRev 19:4
Man driven out of EdenGen 3:24
Man restoredRev 22
Tree of life guardedGen 3:24
Access to Tree of lifeRev 22:14
Sorrow & suffering enterGen 3:17
No more sorrowRev 22:4
Religion, art, and science separated from GodGen 4
Religion, art, and science judged, destroyedRev 18
Nimrod founds BabylonGen 10:8-10
Babylon fallsRev 17, Rev 18
God’s Flood to Destroy evil generationGen 6-9
Satan’s flood to Destroy elect generationRev 12
A bow: God’s promiseGen 9:13
A bow for remembranceRev 4:3, Rev 10:1
Sodom & Egypt: Corruption, judgementGen 13, 19
“Sodom & Egypt”Rev 11:8
A confederation vs. Abraham’s peopleGen 14
A confederation vs. Abraham’s SeedRev 12
A bride for Abraham’s sonGen 24
A bride for Abraham’s SeedRev 19
Marriage of First AdamGen 2:18-23
Marriage of Last AdamRev 19
Promised Seed Possess gate of enemiesGen 29:8
Promised Seed possessing EarthRev 19
Man’s dominion ceased and Satan’s begunGen 3:24
Satan’s domain ended and man’s restoredRev 22