Genesis in the Apostolic Writings

#Genesis ReferenceTopicNew Testament Reference
1.1:1God in the beginningJohn 1:1
2.1:1Beginning of the world2 Timothy 1:9
3.1:1Beginning of the worldTitus 1:2
4.1:1Creation of universeHebrews 11:3
5.1:1Earth and heaven in the beginningHebrews 1:10
6.1:3-5Light out of darkness2 Corinthians 4:6
7.1:5-7Earth out of water and in water2 Peter 3:4-5
8.1:11Every seed his own body1 Corinthians 15:38-39
9.1:11-12Earth bringing forth herbsHebrews 6:7
10.1:26-27Made male and femaleMark 10:6-7
11.1:26-27Made in image of GodColossians 3:10
12.1:27In the image of God1 Corinthians 11:7
13.1:29-31All creatures good1 Timothy 4:4
14.1:31All things made by GodActs 17:24
15.2:1All that in them isActs 14:15
16.2:1All things created in heaven and earthRevelation 10:6
17.2:1First heaven and first earthRevelation 21:1
18.2:1-3All things createdColossians 1:16
19.2:1Works finishedHebrews 4:3
20.2:2Rest on the seventh dayHebrews 4:4
21.2:3Ceased from His worksHebrews 4:10
22.2:3Created all thingsEphesians 3:9
23.2:3World made by HimJohn 1:10
24.2:3Created all thingsRevelation 4:11
25.2:4Creation which God createdMark 13:19
26.2:4He that made heaven and earthRevelation 14:7
27.2:4-6Things that were madeRomans 1:20
28.2:7Adam a living soul1 Corinthians 15:45
29.2:7Man formed1 Timothy 2:13
30.2:9Tree of life in paradiseRevelation 2:7
31.2:9Fruit of tree of lifeRevelation 22:14
32.2:17Death by sinRomans 5:12
33.2:18Woman for the man1 Corinthians 11:9
34.2:22Woman of the man1 Corinthians 11:8
35.2:23Bone of his boneEphesians 5:30
36.2:24Leave father and motherEphesians 5:31
37.2:24One flesh1 Corinthians 6:16
38.2:24Cleave to his wifeMatthew 19:5
39.2:24One fleshMark 10:8
40.3:1That old serpentRevelation 20:2
41.3:1Subtlety of serpent2 Corinthians 11:3
42.3:4Father of liesJohn 8:44
43.3:6Woman deceived1 Timothy 2:14
44.3:13Serpent beguiled Eve2 Corinthians 11:3
45.3:14Devil sinneth from the beginning1 John 3:8
46.3:15Made of a womanGalatians 4:4
47.3:15Satan bruised under footRomans 16:20
48.3:15Enmity with the womanRevelation 12:13-17
49.3:15That old serpentRevelation 12:9
50.3:15Treading on serpentsLuke 10:19
51.3:16Saved in child-bearing1 Timothy 2:15
52.3:16Woman under obedience1 Corinthians 14:34
53.3:16Sorrow in travailJohn 16:20
54.3:16Man the head of the woman1 Corinthians 11:3
55.3:17No more curseRevelation 22:3
56.3:18Thorns and briersHebrews 6:8
57.3:18-19Bondage of corruptionRomans 8:21-22
58.3:18-19No more death, sorrow, painRevelation 21:4
59.3:19Work for your own bread2 Thessalonians 3:12
60.3:19By man came death1 Corinthians 15:21
61.3:20Mother of us allGalatians 4:26
62.3:22Fruit of tree of lifeRevelation 22:2
63.3:23Man from the earth1 Corinthians 15:47
64.4:3-5Abel a more excellent sacrificeHebrews 11:4
65.4:4Righteous AbelMatthew 23:35
66.4:8Cain slew his brother1 John 3:12
67.4:10Blood of AbelHebrews 12:24
68.4:11Blood of AbelLuke 11:51
69.4:16The way of CainJude 11
70.4:26Prophets since the world beganLuke 1:70
71.5:1Book of the generationsMatthew 1:1
72.5:1Similitude of GodJames 3:9
73.5:2Created male and femaleMatthew 19:4
74.5:2Beginning of the creation of GodRevelation 3:14
75.5:4Death reigned from AdamRomans 5:14-19
76.5:5In Adam all die1 Corinthians 15:22
77.5:3-6Adam to EnosLuke 3:38
78.5:12-21Cainan to MethuselahLuke 3:37
79.5:18Enoch, seventh from AdamJude 14
80.5:24Enoch translatedHebrews 11:5
81.5:28-32Lamech to ShemLuke 3:36
82.5:29Subjected to curse in hopeRomans 8:20
83.6:2Angels that sinned2 Peter 2:4
84.6:3Spirit striving with fleshGalatians 5:17
85.6:4Angels left their habitationJude 6
86.6:4Marrying wivesLuke 17:27
87.6:5Days of NoahMatthew 24:37
88.6:12-13The days of NoahLuke 17:26
89.6:13God spared not old world2 Peter 2:5
90.6:14-16Ark preparing1 Peter 3:20
91.7:1Saving of his houseHebrews 11:7
92.7:13-16Noah entered the arkMatthew 24:38
93.7:17-18The flood cameMatthew 24:39
94.7:19-20Overflowed with water2 Peter 3:6
95.8:21Sweet savourPhilippians 4:18
96.8:22Fruitful seasonsActs 14:17
97.9:2All things subjected to manHebrews 2:7-8
98.9:3Everything meat for you1 Timothy 4:3
99.9:4Blood not to be eatenActs 15:20
100.9:6Life for lifeMatthew 26:52
101.10:8-11Babylon, the mother of abominationsRevelation 17:5
102.10:32All nations on face of earthActs 17:26
103.11:4-5That great cityRevelation 17:18
104.11:10-13Shem to CainanLuke 3:36
105.11:14-20Salah to SerugLuke 3:35
106.11:22-26Nahor to AbrahamLuke 3:34
107.11:31Abraham dwelt in HaranActs 7:4
108.12:1Abraham to leave his kindredActs 7:3
109.12:3All families of earth to be blessedActs 3:25
110.12:3All nations blessedGalatians 3:8
111.12:4Abraham went outHebrews 11:8
112.12:5From Haran to CanaanActs 7:4
113.12:7Unborn seed given the landActs 7:5
114.13:15Promise to the seedGalatians 3:16
115.14:18Melchizedek met AbrahamHebrews 7:1
116.14:19Abraham blessed of MelchizedekHebrews 7:6-7
117.14:20Tithes to MelchizedekHebrews 7:4-5
118.15:5So shall thy seed beRomans 4:18
119.15:5Seed as the starsHebrews 11:12
120.15:6Faith counted for righteousnessRomans 4:3,5,9,22
121.15:6Abraham believed GodGalatians 3:6
122.15:6Imputed righteousnessJames 2:23
123.15:13Afflicted 400 yearsActs 7:6
124.15:14Nation to be judgedActs 7:7
125.15:16Iniquity to be filled up1 Thessalonians 2:16
126.16:1No childrenActs 7:5
127.16:15A son by HagarGalatians 4:22
128.17:5Father of many nationsRomans 4:17
129.17:7With Abram’s seed foreverLuke 1:55
130.17:8Oath sworn to AbrahamLuke 1:73
131.17:10Circumcision of the fathersJohn 7:22
132.17:11Sign of circumcisionRomans 4:11
133.17:13Covenant of circumcisionActs 7:8
134.17:17Abraham and Sarah past ageRomans 4:19
135.18:2Angels unawaresHebrews 13:2
136.18:10,14Sarah to bear at appointed timeRomans 9:9
137.18:12Sarah called Abraham “lord”1 Peter 3:6
138.18:20Sin of Sodom and GomorrahMatthew 10:15
139.19:1-3Entertaining angelsHebrews 13:2
140.19:5Going after strange fleshJude 7
141.19:9Lot dwelling among wicked2 Peter 2:7-8
142.19:24Fire and brimstone from heavenLuke 17:29
143.19:25Judgment on SodomLuke 10:12
144.19:26Lot’s wifeLuke 17:32
145.21:1Promise fulfilledGalatians 4:23
146.21:2Sarah conceived seedHebrews 11:11
147.21:3Abraham begat IsaacMatthew 1:2
148.21:4Isaac the son of AbrahamLuke 3:34
149.21:9Son of promise persecutedGalatians 4:29
150.21:10Bondwoman cast outGalatians 4:30
151.21:12Isaac the seed of promiseGalatians 4:28
152.21:13Seed of AbrahamRomans 9:7
153.21:13Isaac the seed calledHebrews 11:18
154.21:14Hagar in the wildernessGalatians 4:24-25
155.22:1-3Abraham offered up IsaacHebrews 11:17
156.22:5Accounting God could raise him upHebrews 11:19
157.22:9Isaac on the altarJames 2:21
158.22:16God swearing by HimselfHebrews 6:13
159.22:17Blessing and multiplyingHebrews 6:14
160.22:17As the sand and starsHebrews 11:12
161.22:18Heir of all nations of earthRomans 4:13
162.23:4Stranger and sojournerHebrews 11:9
163.23:16-20Sepulcher boughtActs 7:16
164.25:21Rebekah conceivedRomans 9:10
165.25:23Elder to serve the youngerRomans 9:12
166.25:25-26Jacob and EsauRomans 9:13
167.25:33Birthright despisedHebrews 12:16
168.26:3Blessing of AbrahamGalatians 3:14
169.26:4-5Covenant confirmedGalatians 3:17
170.27:27-29,39-40Isaac blessed Jacob and EsauHebrews 11:20
171.27:34, 38No place of repentanceHebrews 12:17
172.28:12Angels descendingJohn 1:51
173.28:15Never leave theeHebrews 13:5
174.29:35Judah, son of JacobLuke 3:33
175.30:13Called blessedLuke 1:48
176.30:23Reproach taken awayLuke 1:25
177.31:42God of Abraham, Isaac, and JacobMatthew 22:32
178.32:12Seed as the sandHebrews 11:12
179.33:19Jacob’s parcel of groundJohn 4:5
180.35:16-17Rachel weepingMatthew 2:18
181.37:28Joseph sold into EgyptActs 7:9
182.38:29Judah begat PharezMatthew 1:3
183.39:2,23The Lord with JosephActs 7:9
184.41:41-44Joseph exaltedActs 7:10
185.41:54Dearth in EgyptActs 7:11
186.42:1-2Corn in EgyptActs 7:12
187.42:5Famine in CanaanActs 7:11
188.42:13Twelve brethrenActs 7:8
189.45:1-4Joseph revealed to his brethrenActs 7:13
190.45:9-11Joseph sending for JacobActs 7:14
191.46:5-6Jacob going to EgyptActs 7:15
192.46:26-27Seventy-five soulsActs 7:14
193.47:9Strangers and pilgrimsHebrews 11:13
194.47:31Leaning on top of staffHebrews 11:21
195.48:13-20Jacob blessed sons of JosephHebrews 11:21
196.49:9-10Lion of tribe of JudahRevelation 5:5
197.49:10Lord sprang from JudahHebrews 7:14
198.49:11Washed garments in bloodRevelation 7:14
199.49:29-30Jacob buried in CanaanActs 7:16
200.50:24-26Death of JosephHebrews 11:22

Source:, retrieved 8/10/2022.

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Chris Flanagan
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